Wednesday, July 13, 2005 - There's a recipe for resilience - There's a recipe for resilience: ". . . Doctors doubted the 28-year-old investment banker would survive. One even told her parents, 'It might be better for all if Trisha died.'
But she didn't die. She awoke from a 12-day coma to an apparently shattered life. A Phi Beta Kappa with two graduate degrees from Yale, Meili had been on the fast track to a vice presidency at Salomon Brothers. Now she couldn't even walk, talk, read or button her own blouse.
Sixteen years later, this same woman drew a standing ovation after a polished speech on recovering from trauma. She spoke at the American Psychiatric Association meeting in Atlanta last month. She'll also address the American Psychological Association in August in Washington, D.C.
Meili didn't just survive; she thrived and grew. . . ."


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