Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bradenton Herald | 06/18/2005 | THE MEANING OF HAPPINESS

Bradenton Herald | 06/18/2005 | THE MEANING OF HAPPINESS: ". . . What we used to take for granted now has come under the microscope. Amazing research is being done on what makes us happy, how happiness affects our health, whether some of our brains are more wired toward happiness than others.
All of which makes us wonder about the basics: What IS this thing we know when we feel it, but it seems so hard to put a finger on? Just what constitutes happiness?
The sensation of a shared sunset with someone you love? A really good steak? A raise? A child's smile? A thumbs-up from the doctor? Finally conquering a fear, maybe finally giving up smoking?
'Happiness,' says my friend David, 'is a snapshot.'
Moments, he means. Moments that bring us pleasure, peace, absolute joy. Those we can call upon when we're driving home or taking a walk; when we're feeling wistful or wonderful; when we close our eyes, look out the window, stare into a roaring fire or a sky full of stars. . . ."


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