Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Recipe for Happiness in Marriage

Recipe for Happiness in Marriage

. . . When a husband or wife notches up their own happiness level, the positive impact on their spouse is big, says Powdthavee. How big? Here's how he puts it:

"It is significantly greater than the effect of owning a house outright; it can completely offset the non-[financial] cost of unemployment; it is equal to not having to spend around two months in the hospital last year," says Powdthavee.

That's based on a 30% increase in happiness in the spouse not facing those problems. In other words, happiness can be contagious -- in a good way -- in marriage, even for a partner facing burdens.

"This paper has shown that married people have become more satisfied with their life over the years merely because their spouses have become happier with theirs," says Powdthavee. . .


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